Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Next month marks my 5th year of being ulcerative colitis free! After 14 years of this disease it got so bad that I had to undergo major surgery. And praise God that it worked. I will never forget the utter pain and sickness that I endured. The sleepless nights, crys to God, having others watch my kids because I was unable. I had an awesome support system of family and friends. My husband was unbelievable and that is why whenever he is sick(even though he milks it)I cater to his every need. I am very sympethtic towards others health crisis, I understand what they are going through. After I recovered from surgery I started feeling normal again and I love the feeling of being healthy. If I could describe myself with one word it would be "Healed". Not only because God healed my body but because he healed my soul. We are all "sick" until we let Jesus come in and "heal" us. Are you healed? God is called the Great Physician, and that he is! So, the question is are you overdo for a checkup? This docotor is open 24/7 and there is no wait and no co-pay!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is my first blog:) I discovered some blogs out there and enjoyed reading them, getting crafting and baking ideas and seeing how other moms balance it all. So I wanted to create a blog of my own. Hope you enjoy...